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We need your skills (+ the power of social media for good) to help bring attention to the positive effects of transforming abandoned rails to beautiful trails and thus create The Rockaway Beach Branch Greenway/Queens Highline/Queensway!

Facebook Group:
Use hashtag #QueensHighline when tweeting

Contact Anandi Premlall for more info.


In April we will be entering our fourth whole month on the web. We now a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Idealist, and Twitter. If you are a New York City-based grassroots group, community garden, or non-profit interested in ecology, activism, community awareness, and the environment, please join us in our cause.

“Birdie” is the mascot for GreeNYC, a New York City agency that is geared at helping New Yorkers find fun, innovative ways to reuse, recycle, and help the environment.

Birdie will be making a guest appearance at Winter Jam 2011 in Prospect Park this Saturday, February 5th, hosted by the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation.

Here’s your mission: GreeNYC wants YOU to create Birdie in the snow- a SnowBirdie, if you will. Come to Winter Jam this Saturday and let’s see how YOU see Birdie NYC!

Follow him:
Twitter: Birdie_NYC
Facebook: Birdie NYC
YouTube: BirdieNYCity
Foursquare: Birdie_NYC

Nominate Parks for Government use of Twitter!

Parks have been nominated for the 3rd Annual Shorty Award for best us of Twitter by a government agency.

What is a Shorty Award, you ask? The Shorty Awards recognize the best of the best in social media using the Twitter platform. Why Shorty? Well, because using Twitter, one must be clever, enticing, and be able to get their point across and draw interest in 140 words or less!

You can go to the Shorty Awards website, linked below, and directly tweet about why YOU think @NYCParks deserves the award. Please pass the word around and nominate Parks for best Government use of Twitter!

Click here to nominate @NYCParks for the Shorty Award

Please continue to tweet this and help us win!